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What's your best tweet?
If 1 hour just ISN'T enough with #diamondcandles, re-tweet! // #candlechat
What are six things you could never do without?
Awesome customers, great staff, candles, Internet, yummy food, and fun!
How do you use Twitter in your professional life?
Aside from the brand use: Networking with others in the social media community to build mutual relationships to make online community better.
What's your favorite Twitter app?
Hootsuite. Allows me to monitor the Twittersphere's customers and to gain valuable insights on the pulse of the community.
Twitter or Facebook?
Facebook. That is our bread and butter. Twitter is great tool we use for our live, interactive #candlechat we host.
What was the funniest trend you've seen?
Although digging yourself out of a snow storm is no fun, I would have to say the recent Nemo snow storm stirred up some laughs.
What feature should Twitter add?
Be able to 'register' a hashtag as one's own (within reason).
Who do you wish had a Twitter feed but doesn't?
Seth Godin. He has an account, but it basically broadcasts only his blog. Would love to interact in an actual dialogue with him!
What are some words or phrases you refuse to shorten for brevity?
Generally refuse to type out the word 'two' as '2' on Twitter. Also, using 'l8r' in place of 'later'. :)
Is there someone you want to follow you who doesn't already? If so, who?
We're happy when anyone follows us, so we're very thankful for all of our customers. It would be cool if Oprah followed us!
Have you ever unfollowed someone? Who and why?
We have not, actually!
Why should we vote for you?
We've changed candle burning by using eco-friendly natural soy candles with a big online movement that's growing. Join the fun digging rings
Terms you wish would start trending on Twitter right now?
Candles and Diamond Candles - let's just be honest!
What's the most interesting connection you've made through Twitter?
Connected with @BobbieThomas from the NBC Today Show, landing our product on Kathy Lee and Hoda's fourth hour.
Hashtag you created that you wish everyone used?
How do you make your tweets unique?
We give customers a reason to engage with us. We have them contribute with ideas for product development, enter contests, and much more!
What inspires you to tweet?
I tweet to learn more about customers, what drives them to live life each and every day, and what excites them.
Ever get called out for tweeting too much?
Sometimes we have "Tweet Up" (Tweet Chat) events that will have us tweeting with customers, but we let others know ahead of time.
140 characters of advice for a new user?
Create value. Give before asking for something. Be who you really are online; not your ideal self. The rest will flow.
How long can you go without a tweet?
What question are we not asking here that we should?
How does your Twitter handle make the world a better place?
How do you imagine Twitter changing?
I imagine that businesses in particular will use Twitter for real-time events more than information broadcasting. It works well for us.
Who do you admire most for his or her use of Twitter?
Mari Smith. She's so passionate about relationships online with customers and clients, and she practices what she teaches.
Who is the funniest person on Twitter that you follow?
Jim Gaffigan. He brings the meaning of food to a whole new level.
What is one of the biggest misconceptions of Twitter?
Thinking that if one deletes a tweet, it's gone. In reality, that's not the case; it's always on the web.
Why should people follow you?
If you want to be part of a community that enjoys the thrill of surprises and candles, then we're a brand to join! Contests and fun often.
Can you name some one-of-a-kind Twitter accounts that you follow?
Tim Ferris always has awesome content to share, so he's certainly worth following for gold nuggets of information.
How do you decide what to tweet?
Decisions are based on what the community wants, and what will benefit them in some way or another. It's about them; not us.
How do you use social media to motivate yourself or others to live a healthier life?
As a business, we make our candles with natural soybean wax to foster the use of clean and sustainable materials.
How has social media helped bring your family closer together and #keepgoodgoing?
On a personal note, my long lost sister found me on social media after more than 16+ years apart! It was amazing.
Why'd you start tweeting?
We thought tweeting would help us connect with a vital customer group who enjoy real-time engagement and time-sensitive announcements.
Has Twitter changed your life? If yes, how?
Yes! The platform allows us to connect with customers through using a chat room app, TweetChat, to have real-time conversations.
What do you wish people would do more of on Twitter?
For small businesses: Ask more engaging questions and share relevant contact instead of just sending out news or sales. Let's be social!
How will the world change in the next year?
Brand experience will take front row seat, determining how businesses engage with customers so they can adapt quickly to customer sentiment.
What are some big Twitter faux pas?
Failing to provide exceptional customer service and responding to customers within a reasonable time frame.
What will the world be like 10 years from now?
The world be connected like never before. Complex communication and digital experiences will be the norm.

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