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Megan Southwood
Megan Southwood @MuseumTrekker
I nominate @FolgerLibrary for a Shorty Award in #museum because I live in the area & they always keep me informed of in
Phyllis Murphy
Phyllis Murphy @witchesheal
I nominate @FolgerLibrary for a Shorty Award in #museum because... they propagate beauty and therefore truth.
Terry Wilson MBA CPA
Terry Wilson MBA CPA @taxterry
I nominate @folgerlibrary for a #Shorty Award in #museum as it makes a huge difference in so many lives - mine, too!
cs272 @cs272
I nominate @FolgerLibrary for a Shorty Award in #museum because...brevity is...wit. #shakespearetakethewheel
Folger Library
Folger Library @FolgerLibrary
Pass it on! Vote for @FolgerLibrary for a Shorty Award in #museum category.